A listing of podcasts relating to Tata group activities in North America

Maintaining a global brand
Dr Mukund Rajan, brand custodian and chief ethics officer, Tata Sons and member of the Group Executive Council, provides insights on how the Tata group maintains the integrity of its brand across different industries and how the company will continue to drive leadership with trust in the face of emerging opportunities and challenges
First Book Canada reading day
Volunteers from Tata companies, including JLR and TGB, who participated in the First Book Canada reading day in Ontario share their reflections on the event, insights on the importance of reading as well as their favorite childhood books
ACTIVATE — an innovator in the vitamin beverage market
Reza Mirza, president of Activate Drinks which was recently named one of Beverage World’s Breakout Brands of 2013 and winner at Tata InnoVista, discusses why Activate is an innovator in the vitamin beverage market and the impact of social media on the brand’s marketing strategy
Melding sustainability with innovative design
Dr Paul Brooks, group director, environment, at Tata Steel, was the featured speaker at the second Tata Dialogue on Innovation at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, US. Dr Brooks highlighted Tata Steel's approach to sustainable and innovative design and was joined by Steven Plate, director of the World Trade Center Construction Project.
Discharging social responsibility
B Muthuraman, vice chairman of Tata Steel and chairman of Tata International, speaks about the importance of integrating social responsibility with business operations and his outlook on the US steel market.